We had millions of questions when we were considering B-School. Picture intense nail-biting, bank account staring, long conversations with our husbands and ice cream-binges. The process is intense. The decision is scary. We know. We know.

You might even be recycling your temptation to join from last year or even the year before that. Your thoughts are probably racing: “Everyone is doing it, I don’t want to fall behind.” “Am I ready?” and “What if I already know the material and I just need to apply it?”

We know the drill. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our most asked questions.

A: They tackle two different things. Through taking B-School, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get your online business up and running. Through Operation World Domination, you’ll become apart of a much smaller group of women to work through B-School and get access to an in-person retreat.

In OWD, you also get year-long memberships to both Life is Messy Bootcamp and Sunday Society. That means, you’ll have a year of live calls you can attend to ask questions, get feedback and find support.

B-School and Operation World Domination complement each other well.

A: Life is Messy Bootcamp is a planning club for girl bosses who need help getting their sh*t together. Through core masterclasses, quarterly planning workshops, fun community challenges, a private FB clubhouse, decluttering prompts, the prettiest planners and monthly messy hours, Mayi will help you grab mess by the horns and make room for genius work. 

Sunday Society is not an online course or training program. It’s meant to give you access to April and the other members to get help with whatever stage you’re at NOW in your business. You can join Q&A calls to ask all your business-related questions. You can treasure hunt through the list of topics we’ve already covered to find replays to watch while folding laundry or doing your hair and makeup for the day. It’s more a group coaching program than an online course.

A: We always get this question but we can’t ever give a clear answer. We don’t know. We didn’t offer this exact package last year or any year before, so we can’t say what we’ll work on together next year. We've never offered a retreat before, and due to personal circumstances, we probably won't offer it again next year. We hope to include an in-person retreat in 2021, but we can't see that far ahead.

We wish we had a magic 8-ball so we could let you know. We may never offer this exact package ever again. Basically, if you want in, you should join now.

A: We know that B-School overwhelm is REAL and happens when Marie launches B-School each year. Inboxes are flooded with reasons to join B-School and bonus packages.

Some people assume that it’s because the people promoting B-School get a large slice of the sale. We do receive part of the payment, but if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to offer a bonus package (that includes our flagship programs and much more) for free.

And, we wouldn’t promote B-School just for the money. We have our own flagship programs to market but we got so much out of B-School and are able to work together to give the women who join through us even more value, so it’s a no-brainer for us.

A: You should choose the package you think is the best fit for YOU.

Do you want to come to an in-person retreat to make deeper connections with other creatives? If so, this would be THE PACKAGE for you.

Also, what do you need the most help with? If you’re looking to work through B-School with a smaller group of women, ours is a good fit. If you want a little handholding after B-School (believe us when we say you’ll be overwhelmed by all the homework), you’ll have access to both of us separately through year-long memberships to our programs.

If you’re looking for a bonus where the leader(s) will be around, encouraging you along the way, we’d pick us. The women who joined through us last year told us that they couldn’t imagine going through the program without us--without the calls and WhatsApp group.

We're soooooooooooo proud of that! We take being your B-School guides seriously, because we know you're making a big investment. 

A: It’s never going to feel like it’s the “right time” for something like this. You’re taking B-School because you’re not completely satisfied with your business, and you want to know what to do to fix it.

You’ve got one life--one shot. Why wait? The best part about joining B-School is that you get lifetime access to the program. You don’t have to go through everything within those eight weeks. So, if you have a vacation in the middle of the program or you had a baby six months ago, we recommend jumping on board if you think B-School is the right fit for you even if it takes you more time to go through the material.

Everyone has something going on during B-School. Life doesn't wait. You have to make time to change your life.

A: This is another one of those questions that we always get but have a difficult time answering. It depends on where you’re at in your business and how much effort you want to put into these programs. You probably already know that you could spend every second of every day on creating and marketing. And, what you put in is what you get out.

A: Well, have you seen our faces on the B-School page, under the “success stories?” Yep, you’ll find them there.

We’ve also built our dream businesses around our dream lifestyles. If that’s what you’re looking to do, we’re a good pair of leaders for you. We’ll tell you exactly how we did it and what you can learn from us.

You should also read our bios on this page...it'll tell you a little about us if you don't know our history. We've done some pretty cool things like teach at CreativeLive and work with Kate Spade.


"I really feel like some of my biggest breakthrough moments came through April and Mayi while taking B-school. In fact, the biggest AHA moment I ever had was while on a call with Mayi. She basically told me to “ get ahold of myself, quit asking so many questions and own my path.” This was a HUGE AHA moment for me. While it stung at the moment, on reflection it changed my business forever. I quit obsessing and caring so much about what other people thought and how everyone else was doing things and focused on my own business. This made HUGE changes, it was after that moment that I had my first 5 figure month!"

-Wendy Cranford

Didn’t see your question answered? Still have hesitations?

We’re hosting a Q&A with the one and only Marie Forleo.

Yep...you read that right. The beautiful haired marketing goddess who designed the B-School program will answer your B-School questions and we'll hold your sweaty hands along the way.

Marie hosts quite a few Q&A calls about B-School, but this one is just for YOU.

It's going to be more intimate and less overwhelming. It'll feel more like a chat with girlfriends and less like a huge conference where you're taking the mic in front of thousands. Ready to hang with Marie, Mayi and April? CLICK BELOW TO REGISTER.


"If you’re considering B-school, you need support to get through B-school, not an extra unrelated course. Mayi and April have created something so fun, but practical and supportive. It’s not an extra thing you don’t need, it’s a thing to help you do the thing you’ve already committed to doing. Some people can do B-school without the smaller community/accountability/support, but that wasn’t the case for me, and OWD was perfect. If you vibe with Mayi and/or April, and want to hang out with them for 8 weeks, AND rocket your business in a way that feels really good for you, B-school and OWD is an incredible combo."

-Elizabeth Goddard





B-School and Operation World Domination Closed for 2019



B-School and Operation World Domination Closed for 2019