And what really makes our offer out of this world?

We care enough to give you less. We got rid of all the fluff for you. All the extra crap you really don’t need and will likely never use. That’s called clutter, and clutter just takes up space in your hard drive. You don’t need more. You need better.

We’re giving you our most valued possession - us. A shoulder to lean on. A warm virtual hug when things get scary. A pep talk. A hand to drag you to the finish line if it comes down to it. A weekend with us in person to celebrate your awesome accomplishment of graduating B-School (whether it's your first or fifth time!).

There are two of us. Know what that means? That’s right, double the fun and double the trouble. We bring out the best in each other, and we bring out the best in YOU. We will challenge you to step into your zone of genius and grow to your fullest potential.

We attract and bring together the most incredible people, who will soon become your gang. Lasting friendships will unfold. Doors to collaborate will open. You might even meet your new business partner in crime. Fingers crossed.

+ That feeling of “holy crap what do I do now?” while taking over the world is gone. Ciao. Hasta la vista baby. We’re your family now. And when someone messes with family we break into a whole new level of crazy and become karma (and we make it look like an accident).





“My favorite part of your mastermind group was the community, the structured content and really great practical ideas to help you get through B-school and improve your business. And, the live calls were excellent and a highlight of my B-school experience. It really felt like a special time, where we were getting your full attention and amazing experience and insights. Your advice was invaluable. And the mug is now one of my treasured possessions. Getting to know the other members of the mastermind was also wonderful and has led on to other opportunities.”

-Kat Piper


Party In Your Phone

As you work through B-School, what do you do when you have a question? What happens when you’re stuck? When you can’t figure out how to complete the funsheets for that week?

If you don’t have a small group of women hosted by someone who knows what they’re talking about to get feedback from, you can easily “fall behind.”

If your goal is to work through the content with everyone and you get stuck on the difference between and or you can’t decide what email service to use or you struggle with combining two of your passions in the same business, that goal is kaput. Unless you can get your questions answered right then and there.

That’s why we created “Party In Your Phone.”

It’s a bonus that gives you instant access to ask questions via voice messaging, video or text. You can even share images if that would help you explain what you’re stuck on.

We check in with the WhatsApp (it’s an App on your phone) group Monday through Friday (sometimes on the weekend) to answer your questions and to send the group inspiring voice messages. Mayi is known for her pump-you-up speeches on Mondays!

We created this bonus last year and it was more effective than anything we’ve done in the past (including weekly calls) to help the women who purchase B-School or OWD through us to work through the B-School content. There’s nothing like the ability to chat back and forth via voice messaging on the same day you need help with something.

We received incredible feedback from the women who used the group regularly to ask questions and chat about the topics covered each week during B-School. We knew we had to include this in this year’s Operation World Domination package to help you reach the B-School finish line.

Sign up with us and you get two kinds of slumber parties: one in person at the retreat and one in your phone!


The WhatsApp group will begin at the start of B-School. We will be active in the WhatsApp group from the beginning of B-School until the end of B-School, but we’ll leave the group running for you to use after B-School ends.


“Without April and Mayi hosting the WhatsApp group for us, B-School would have felt very different. All being creative entrepreneurs, each of us designing or creating every day, we were able to connect deeply with each other’s experiences through the course. Such a large variety of businesses learn through B-School, I’m sure it would have been difficult to form such strong connections without the small niched group that we had. Honestly, it felt like we were a team! We gave mutual support, advice and encouragement when working through the B-School lessons and we cheered each other on as the weeks went by. This meant I could continue with the learning and planning process without procrastination or feeling blocked. I loved that we could just voice what we were thinking too. The audio message feature made it so easy to explain how we felt. I’ve become great friends with a couple of the women in the group and we’re supporting each other just as closely twelve months later. I know I wouldn’t have found such intimate biz-buddies without this OWD experience on my phone.”

-Hannah Gilly


Private Facebook Clubhouse

You’ll become an instant member of a tight-knit group of likeminded individuals who are learning about and struggling with the same things.

Ever wish you could connect with a group of creative entrepreneurs that are like family? A group that wants to see you succeed and gives you regular support and encouragement, along with constructive feedback? That's what you get with Operation World Domination.

It's the BEST accountability group of all time. You’ll feel like you found your wolfpack. A sisterhood who gets it.

The Facebook group is for the members, run mostly by the members. We won't be in the group, answering your questions, but that's because we will answer all your questions during the calls, via the WhatsApp group and during the retreat.

The WhatsApp Group is for us to connect with you and the Facebook group is for you to connect with each other.


The Coolest Tote Bag

When you come to the retreat, you'll receive an exclusive, tote bag designed by Mayi.

If you're attending the retreat and you want to bring something (such as one of your products or a sample of your products) to include in the tote bags, you've also got the opportunity to do so. This is a great way to introduce your business to the group and "market" your products to everyone there without marketing. You could easily walk away with a handful (or more) of new customers!


Sunday Society


Sunday Society is a membership program for creative entrepreneurs who either: 1) have ‘oh look there’s a squirrel’ syndrome and need a group to keep them accountable, 2) want to work through the tough stuff (like planning your email marketing for the next year) with a group of supportive women and/or 3) want a place to get regular feedback and encouragement.

Some of the main benefits of joining Sunday Society:

+ You get feedback every month from someone who’s been there and knows how to get out of the dips
+ You have an entire community of entrepreneurs who are committed to seeing each other succeed
+ You won’t feel alone in this because you’re part of a program that meets 2 to 5 times every month for support (and once every week for accountability)
+ That feeling of “what do I do now?” becomes a non-issue, because you belong to a society of women who have your back
+ It feels like a slumber party


"April is AWESOME! She puts her heart into helping me and the other members take our businesses to the next level! You can always improve on anything you do in life and Sunday Society is an amazing place to push your business accountability and marketing goals! The best money I've put into my business in years!"

-Janice Sullivan


Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s included:

+ 2-5 monthly calls (there’s already more than 190 hours of live calls available to watch and many are categorized so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for) where you can ask questions and join me on video to get feedback on something specific from me and the group members and more
+ An active Facebook group that many of the group members check in with daily, asking questions, getting feedback and connecting with each other
+ A monthly challenge that all the members work on together
+ Weekly Facebook Live accountability calls to share what you're working on that week and give yourself a productivity score for the previous week

You get instant access to Sunday Society when you register for OWD or B-School through our link.

To learn more visit


"If you want a nice group of creative women who give constantly then Sunday Society is your place. You get feedback and it seems like we are all growing together. No one ever tries to out shine the other. It's a collective group trying to help each other succeed."

-Angie Clay


Life is Messy Bootcamp


Life is Messy Bootcamp® is a planning club for girl bosses at the verge of pulling their hair out. It’s an online program, training playground and vibrant community that cuts through the hype-y fantasies around being your own CEO (like working 4-hour weeks while dipping your feet in warm sand), and instead teaches you how to use your messy life data to design a life you love and build a profitable creative empire.

More than 7,000 creative entrepreneurs have used this loved, proven system to show mess who’s boss and make room for genius work.

In a nutshell, the goal of Life is Messy Bootcamp is to help you:

+ Clarify the journey ahead and stay focused. In other words, windshield-whip the shiny objects and negative brain chatters and haters that obstruct your vision to the top of your North Star. Do I hear a Hallelujah?
+ Centralize everything in one place. Let me say that again ladies: ONE PLACE to store to-dos, tasks, appointments, notes, doodles, journal entries, goals… you name it, there’s a place for it. Keep it all together. No more hunting down Post-Its like a crazy person.
+ Turn “I should do that” into superstar habits you can actually stick to and automate that make you happy. Heroic 007 stunts are great for Bond, James Bond, but in real life it’s all about the tiny day-to-day calls that pay off big time.
+ Declutter your mind and declutter your world, so you can spend less time looking for sh*t and more time doing work that matters.
+ Checkmark your bucket list, minus the overwhelmed mental constipation and insomnia typically associated with military-like productivity systems. Yuck!
+ Fatten your piggy bank so money can finally can stop being a crap excuse as to why you can’t live more or pursue your passion projects in your Buzz Lightyear jammies with a sense of worthiness.
+ Laugh more, because what’s the point of alphabetizing your entire spice cabinet if you’re a Grumpy Grinch?


"The live calls really have been amazing. I can’t even begin to express how wonderful this group is and what an enormous treat it is to get to be a part of such a genuine circle of messy entrepreneurs. I thank Mayi for being 100% herself and holding a space for us to be authentic and embrace all that we are! There really is no other group that holds a light to the one Mayi has created with Life is Messy Bootcamp."

-Sherri Calosso


Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s included:

+ A kickstart plan
+ 12 master classes to help you plan your best life ever.
+ The complete Life is Messy Planners® downloadable collection
+ Super fun community challenges
+ Quarterly planning workshops
+ Exclusive access to the private Facebook clubhouse
+ Monthly live implementation coaching calls, called “Messy Hours”
+ Weekly decluttering prompts to simplify your life
+ Captain Mayi’s off the hook cheerleading skills and guidance along the way.
+ Bonus goodies

You get instant access to your Life is Messy Planners®, and your 1-year membership to Life is Messy Bootcamp® starts as soon as Operation World Domination and B-School are over.

To learn more visit


"Life is Messy Bootcamp is like an interactive role-playing game of messy mayhem and Mayi, the online drill-sergeant/ pixie cheerleader, guides you through the maze step-by-step with a Fairy Wand of Joy through color, laughter, acceptance, support, and astonishingly effective organization. Mayi’s artistic planners give my unruly lists a truly workable and whimsical home that magically express how I actually feel when I am using them."

-Allison Dey Malacaria


Behind the Scenes of Seven B-School Launches

Do you get giddy over deep author interviews at the end of some novels where the authors explain why they made certain decisions in their writing, like why they killed off a beloved character or when they made the choice that Kate would end up with Todd instead of Jack?

Or what about tabloid magazines who tell you who’s zooming who?

Or when you tune into a webinar where the entrepreneur isn’t waiting until you pay them a thousand dollars to tell you something good but opens up on how she created her portfolio and landed a licensing deal without paying for a booth at a trade show, including the step-by-step process of learning Adobe InDesign, hand-making the book that became her portfolio, how she decided what to include in her portfolio, the exact emails she sent to the companies she wanted to meet with to potentially get licensing deals with and more?

We love that stuff, too. It’s better than vegan pizza and fuzzy slippers and sleeping in.

When it comes to business, it’s the info you can learn the most from, get the most Oprah-level ah-ha moments from, conjure the best ideas from and directly apply it to your business (and, if you haven’t noticed--which you probably have because it becomes frustrating and annoying after awhile, it’s what nobody seems to go into great detail about).

Most entrepreneurs either want to keep those secrets to themselves or don’t want to put in the work to share them (because it takes a lot more time and energy than sharing theory), even though it’s what would help their clients the most.

That’s why we created this for Operation World Domination.

We've put together the EXACT step-by-step method of how we’ve marketed and launched Operation World Domination last year with an update on how things were different this year.

We share every single covert plan, including conversations, emails, WhatsApp messages, unseen designs and more.

We tell you what worked and what didn’t. How much money we spent, how much time we spent on everything, what we would do again, what we would change and more.

You’ll receive a book with all these details on April 29th. (For those of you taking B-School, this is your B-School graduation gift! YAY!)

If you’ve ever wondered what an entire launch looks like from beginning to end, strap on your seat belt. We’re about to hand over our classified playbook to you. Along with a comparison to this year's launch to show you what we've changed and kept the same and the why's behind those decisions.

Along with this A-to-Z guidebook, we’re hosting a live call to talk through the past seven years of B-School launches. SEVEN YEARS!

We’ve learned so much over the last seven years of being affiliates for the same program and launching Operation World Domination again and again.

We’re going to tell you how we started, what we’ve changed and why, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and go into even more details about this year’s launch.

And, of course, you can ask questions.

This call will take place a couple of weeks after you end B-School as another graduation bonus and to give you a little time to go through the book!

This is different than anything else, because of the details and personalization. This is not another “ideas for your launch” or “launch checklist” or “an overview of my launch including everything you can already find online if you look plus how much money I made.”

We created the product we want to buy from someone else. FOR. YOU.


If you #joinBSCHOOL through our affiliate link,

you'll get access to all of the above bonuses

PLUS! everything below!


Marie Forleo’s B-School


B-School is amazing. This online business school transformed our businesses from barely paying the bills to living the dream.

That’s why we recommend it and join forces to put together an affiliate bonus package each year. This is the only program that both of us are affiliates for and because we get part of the sale if you buy through us, we’re able to provide the bonuses below for no additional cost to you. Win, win, win.

B-School helped us:

+ Get clarity on our ideal customers and how to get in front of them and use their language
+ Set ourselves apart from the competition
+ Declutter our websites, by only including the important stuff
+ Learn to create valuable, entertaining content and how to do it on a weekly basis without burning out
+ Build trust with our audiences before launching
+ Create our dream business models
+ Make lots of cheddar doing what we love
+ Connect with all kinds of entrepreneurs: website designers, business coaches, artists and makers, pattern designers, life coaches and more


21 Day B-School Survival Guide Email Course


You’ll also get access to a B-School Survival Guide we’ve created which includes 21 insanely practical and results-driven lessons that you’ll receive over the course of B-School, specifically designed to help you cruise through the program without having a nervous breakdown. This guide does not include extra homework. It does include gorgeous printables that will make your life so much easier!

If you join B-School through our link, we want to make sure that you get the most out of your experience. That’s why we created this survival guide and broke it up into an email course that will keep you motivated and inspired throughout the eight weeks.

Here are the chapter titles for each of the 21 lessons:

+ Chapter 1: Revamp Your Morning Routine for B-School
+ Chapter 2: Make the Most Out of B-School by Staying Present
+ Chapter 3: Set Intentions and Goals for B-School
+ Chapter 4: Reverse Engineer Your B-School Goals
+ Chapter 5: Get Quality Results by Quitting the “M” Word
+ Chapter 6: Stop the B-School All Nighters
+ Chapter 7: Get Acquainted with the 20-Second Rule
+ Chapter 8: Use Social Media to Succeed with B-School
+ Chapter 9: Refuel for the Rest of B-School
+ Chapter 10: Ditch ‘Email Drain’ for Good
+ Chapter 11: Learn the Top Email Organizing Technique
+ Chapter 12: Unplug for More B-School ‘A-ha’ Moments
+ Chapter 13: Hire It Out to Make More Time for Your Important Work
+ Chapter 14: De-Clutter Your Biz
+ Chapter 15: Organize Your Workspace
+ Chapter 16: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
+ Chapter 17: Avoid Fake Work and Busy-ness
+ Chapter 18: Just Say No
+ Chapter 19: Schedule Epiphany Time
+ Chapter 20: Make Up Your Own Rules for Success
+ Chapter 21: Moving Forward After B-School


Pre-Party Call


The day B-School opens its doors you’re going to be counting down the minutes.

We know because we’ve been there, sitting on the edge of our seats, pressing the refresh button every other second and watching our inboxes like they’re going to tell us the secret to eternal life.

We also know what it’s like to start B-School. Equal feelings of excitement and nausea, wondering if you made the right decision.

Instead of melting down, join us for a pre party!

We’ll go over the ins and outs of making the most of B-School. You’ll also chat with the other women in the group who you’ll be working hand-in-hand with throughout the program.

You’ll leave the pre party feeling ready to tackle the B-School work. And, you’ll also still have all your nails because you won’t have bitten them off waiting for the first module to land in your email. Win-win.


Midway Call: Implementation Q&A


When we went through B-School, it was a large program with hundreds of students but now B-School has grown to thousands of students.

Marie is pretty amazing on the Q&A calls, answering questions for hours, but there’s no way she could answer every question you have. There’s not enough time in the day.

That’s why we’re offering an implementation call midway through B-School. We want to make sure that you’re heard and you don’t get stuck somewhere along the way because you couldn’t get your questions answered.

If you can’t make the call live, you’ll have the chance to submit your questions ahead of time and watch the replay for our answers.

We’re veterans, having been through the program for seven years. We know where creative entrepreneurs get stuck and we know how to help them get out of the muck and find clarity.


Graduation Call: Wrap Up Ceremony


We know you’ll end B-School with questions and you deserve a celebration!

This call will be a mixture of the two.

We’ll celebrate your success at reaching the B-School finish line like a boss. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you’d like both of us to answer in detail.

This gives you the opportunity to go through all of the B-School material, jotting down all of your burning questions you haven’t yet asked.

We suggest you use the WhatsApp group for the questions you need answered right away and the midway implementation call and this graduation call for the questions you want us both to give you more specific feedback on.

This call will take place within a month of B-School ending. We’re not going to host it immediately so that you can have a little extra time to continue going through the material. Believe us--it’s a lot!


2-on-1 Half Hour Consulting Session with April & Mayi


*Exclusive BONUS offer for early adopters ONLY. Expires February 20th at 11:59pm EST.

If you know us, you know that we love rewarding an early bird.

We’re providing a 30-minute 2-on-1 consulting session to everyone that joins before February 20th at 11:59pm EST.

This will be our third year providing this bonus and in previous years, all the women who've joined us for a 2-on-1 session have said that it made a huge difference for them. We've helped women decide to switch focuses, we've helped them figure out a solid marketing plan, we've helped them see what's standing in their way of making money and more.

Just you and us on a jam session. I mean, picture this for a moment - two pairs of eyes you trust exclusively dedicated to you and your business. We know, it’s KU-RA-ZY pants that’s why we’re only making this offer available for our “hellz yeah!!!” people.

Here are some possible topics we could help you with during our sesh:

+ Giving you feedback on your website
+ Talking through your sales funnel
+ Identifying your ideal customer
+ Deciding what product or service to offer next
+ Coming up with unique ideas for your next launch
+ What direction to take your business
+ What’s holding you back from making money
+ Whatever you want to talk about.

We’ll schedule your consultation sometime within the three months after B-School. That way you don’t waste your time on questions that get answered during the program.

You must buy B-School through our affiliate link by February 20th at 11:59pm to receive the 30-minute consulting session.


"Operation World Domination added a very fun element to the B-School equation. The calls were super fun and inspiring. I really enjoyed hearing from your experience and the emails perfectly supported what was happening in B-School, so it was like having an empowering friend as a tutor :)"

-Daniela Cabrerizo





B-School and Operation World Domination Closed for 2019




B-School and Operation World Domination Closed for 2019


"Operation World Domination is everything a girl boss might need to take an important project and change her life forever. Believe that it's the perfect group to get together, it's not just business, it's friendship and tons of fun and useful information.​"

-Diana Silva